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I know it has become quite popular to Swing with other couples, But could you do this? Could you Share your mate with another person? I also Would like to know WHY you decided to get married in the first place if you plan on stepping out, Or is this a GENIUS idea to keep your NEEDS met as well as maintain a family structure?

My Opinion (cause you know I will give it :)) I couldn’t swing with another couple (another man having sex with me and my husband having sex with another woman) NO WAY! Why? I guess because I took a vowel to be with this ONE person in addition to the possible DISEASES and MISTAKES that could occur…

However, I can see the benefit! It really seems like a genius Idea because hey you and your mate are getting your Sexual Needs met without the lying and cheating but at the same time, you work together as a family, rearing children and going to PTA meetings and soccer games… It sounds like the perfect plan UNTIL…Someone gets jealous or someone accidentally catches feelings or worse someone ends up pregnant! You will NEVER KNOW!

Bottom Line: TO each its own but ask yourself is it worth it? If so, GO for it!

For those with an open relationship, HOw was it incorporated or initiated into the relationship? I am curious to know…send me a message :)

~Peace and Openness~